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"SHANGHAI - I give you my heart"

04.10. to 13.10.2010 at the Luxembourg Pavilion, Shanghai

The project "SHANGHAI – I give you my heart" approaches the subject of
human organ donation by means of dance, music, theatre and installation.

Crew :
Choreography :
Director : Claude MANGEN
Video art : S T O L L  &  W A C H A L L
Stage set : Do DEMUTH
Sound Design : Serge TONNAR
Production Assistent : Christiane THOMMES
"We, as citizens of Europe, don’t have the right to lecture the Chinese population,
but what we can do is to take up a position. A position which doesn’t intend to tutor
but only wants to describe who we are and how we live."

Interview Francois VALENTINY – LW 30.04.2009


The world is not fair: Wealth and prosperity are spread unequally.
Nothing has such dramatic consequences as the trade with human organs.
The rich buy from the poor – anywhere on the planet.

The practice saves lives and brings suffering at the same time.
Western transplantation tourists select specialized hospitals from all over the world.

Hospitals and their countries compete with each other for wealthy Western patients.
As a result, organ donors enter into competition, putting prices under pressure.
Human kidney: 55.000 Euros
Human lung: 130.000 Euros

Prices are all inclusive and cover the organ itself, surgery, hospital stay, interpreter etc.
Only a small part of the money is acutally paid to the donor,
in exchange for the suffering and substantial damage to his or her health.

Society and the media choose to ignore this inhuman commerce – or play it down where
it cannot be ignored. At the interface of ethics, philosophy, religion and medicine
"SHANGHAI – I give you my heart" wants to contribute to a discussion that is
slowly developing.